Serwis poświęcony spotkaniom młodzieży polskiej i izraelskiej w szkołach w Lublinie i regionie.

Serwis poświęcony spotkaniom młodzieży polskiej i izraelskiej w szkołach w Lublinie i regionie.

Teatr NN

Pobyt w Rishon LeZion

Wizyta grupy polskiej w IzraeluBezpośredni odnośnik do tego akapitu

  • Pobyt w rodzinach izraelskich – zakwaterowanie i wspólne spędzanie czasu wolnego
  • Wspólna wizyta w szkole
  • Historie Lublinerów - spotkanie z rodzinami
  • Spotkania z przedstawicielami Ziomkostwa Żydów Lubelskich
  • Zwiedzanie Instytutu Yad Vashem oraz miast Rishon LeZion, Tel Awiw, Jerozolima
  • Uczestnictwo w Marszu Pamięci w ramach miejskich uroczystości upamiętnienia ofiar Holokaustu
  • Spotkanie pożegnalne


Impressions after the visit in Rishon LeZionBezpośredni odnośnik do tego akapitu


During my stay in Israel I gained very big experience. I could get to know Jewish culture that was always for me very interesting. I met and made new friends, moreover I was very surprised that they were so similar to us in the way of thinking. We understood each other very well. Despite that fact, we had different views and we had a lot of cultural discussions. I learned a lot about the history of Israel and that experience changed me and changed how I was portraying this interesting country.



It was such an amazing experience in my life. There were absolutely new people, new cultures and new places I always wanted to visit. Seeing everyday life of Israeli people was really interesting, they have different traditions and it was great to be part of them for a moment. I have never been so far away from home but in this program I could explore the world.



I was very impressed by the program. At first I didn't know what to expect, but it was an amazing experience meeting all our Polish partners and speaking with them. I understood a lot about Polish culture that I didn't know beforehand and I found that after all we are similar. I met great kids and hear a different point of view on a lot of subjects and I had a lot of fun.

Ben L.


The overall exchange program has been created in a very efficient way to show as the most important parts of the history. We were pleased to attend the important ceremonies and feel like a part of them even for a few minutes. I was happily surprised by the warmth of the people I've met during my whole stay. I met caring and knowledgeable people during the first part of the exchange program from both Israel and Polish side.