We invite all those whose families are connected with our region to the “Lubliner Reunion 2017”, organised by the 'Grodzka Gate – NN Theatre' Centre.

We invite all those whose families are connected with our region to the “Lubliner Reunion 2017”, organised by the 'Grodzka Gate – NN Theatre' Centre.

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“Lubliners” by Andrzej Titkow

Dear Lubliners,

I am film director, producer and a scriptwriter with a long experience. During the Lubliner Reunion, which took place in July 2017, I was responsible for recording materials and interviews with the participants. I hope many of you remember me. Since then I am deeply involved in this project, hoping to create a full-length documentary entitled “Lubliners”. As you probably know, the protagonists of my film are going to be participants of the Reunion, whose fascinated stories provide an innumerable source of inspiration. In my documentary, I would like to present stories of few Jewish families strongly marked with Shoah, highlighting the historical background of interwar Poland. These unique stories of my protagonists may lead the viewers to further reflection on the fate of the Jewish community in Europe, encouraging us to raise the awareness of injustice of the world. I am deeply convinced that these family stories have an enormous potential to educate young audience not only about the Holocaust itself, but also about factors and social phenomena that led to the surge of Anti-Semitism.

The President of Lublin, Mr. Krzysztof Żuk, has given me a great support, already providing a certain amount of money for the film production. However, it is not enough to start shooting as the number of protagonists and locations require traveling to many places. Public television (TVP) should be the natural sponsor and partner of this film, but in the current political situation in Poland, it is impossible. That is why I have to look for other sources of financing. One of them is the crowdfunding. Therefore, I am asking everyone for help and support, because each sum is going to contribute the creation of this important and necessary film. I provide a link to this crowdfunding- https://pomagam.pl/jso3n70o

Payments can be made in any currency. The explanations are in Polish but I think everything is quite clear. As a precaution, I provide some explanations. WYBIERZ KWOTĘ means “choose the amount”. WPŁAĆ TERAZ means “pay now”. You can also choose a different amount by clicking on INNA “other.” At the same time, I want to assure all donators that their names will be included in the final credits of the film and they will be invited to the ceremonial premiere, which is scheduled in Lublin for December 2020.

1 USD = 3.9 PLN
1 EUR = 4.4 PLN.

I am grateful in advance for your support. I would appreciate it if you could also send the link to your friends and family members to reach the greatest number of people. In case of trouble, please write me an email.

Sincerely yours

Andrzej Titkow