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About the project

Welcome to the virtual model of Józefów from before the Second World War. This innovative application enables anyone to take an interactive walk around the historic buildings of Józefów back in the times when it was a shetl. It also provides information on the cultural phenomenon of small towns in the Lublin Region.

The model is the fruit of cooperation of “Grodzka Gate Center – NN Theater” Center with the students and teachers from the High School in Józefów. The virtual model of pre-World War Two Józefów was created with the use of Google Earth software.
Resources on various aspects of life in a pre-war town are attached to the model. They constitute a compendium of information on the history and cultural heritage of the community. Lesson plans developed around the model will also be available online.

Video guide to Józefów Biłgorajski, created by High School students (in Polish)


Click for a larger map with places featured in the video guide to Józefów Biłgorajski


Educational resources

You are welcome to explore:
3D models created as part of the project are accessible to everyone in the Multimedia Library. You are welcome to develop your own projects.




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Translations: Slawomir Nowodworski www.explorelublin.pl