The Mystery of Memory "Salvaged Stories" - 17th March 2012

On March 17th 2012 at 6 pm in The “Grodzka Gate - NN Theatre” Centre took place a Mystery of Memory "Salvaged Stories".


The Centre prepared several dozens of places, where Jews from Lublin, who survived the Holocaust, and their descendants told their stories to young citizens - high school students - of Lublin. Each one of these stories was registered to become, after a prior transcription and edition, a part of documentary book “The Mystery of Memory - Salvaged Stories". During this event the Centre's space was open to everyone willing to come there at that time. The Mystery “Salvaged Stories" had a character of a para-theatrical action close to a documentary theatre. There was also a symbolic act of transmission of Memory, about those dramatic events of the Extermination, to the young generation.

Collected stories became a starting  point for selected students of Lublin high schools, who study journalism, to create a documental reportage. Reportages will be published, and the author of the best one wins a prize, which is a trip to Israel.

During the Mystery "Salvaged Stories" twenty interviews took place. Thirty-six students of Lublin high schools talked to thirty people from the Lublin Jewish Organization in Israel, who came from diverse countries, such as: France, USA, Great Britain and Israel. 






Dokumentacja wydarzenia w zasobie Archiwum Ośrodka "Brama Grodzka - Teatr NN"

46 photographs, author: Piotr Sztajdel.