The Mystery „The Poem of the Place”

The concrete surface of the parking is built in the place where once a Jewish town stood. One could even imagine the skeleton of the town buried underneath, composed of building foundations that were located in this area. In the Mystery “Poem of the Place”, the light seen from the barren ground that once was the Jewish town, becomes a symbol of long-lasting Memory.

On October 12, 2002, the Mystery “Poem of the Place” took place in the area that remained after the Jewish town had been destroyed. The bells of the church situated near the Grodzka Gate rang at 8 p.m., which was a signal to begin the Mystery.

In the area that once was the Jewish town lights were dimmed - creating a scenario for the further performance. The Grodzka Gate became the Gate between light and darkness.

The participants of the Mystery, awaiting the beginning of the ceremony, stood on the side of the Gate where undisturbed, normal, everyday life was going on : here, the light was still on. After passing through the Gate, the participants stepped into the darkness. Light - Memory coming through the concrete surface and lighting up the open sink basins was the guide for their path. Voices of citizens telling stories about the Jewish town and its destruction came from the  sink basins. 

The participants of the Mystery marched along the way leading to the non-existent Jewish district, to the place where previously the synagogue had been situated. The light and voices coming from the depth of the open sink basins created a kind of artistic installation revealing the hidden and usually invisible meaning of the emptiness near the Grodzka Gate. The only props of the stage design used during the Mystery were floodlights and loudspeakers put into open  sink basins located in the former Jewish district.