10.06.2012 - 31.12.2012

"Saved from oblivion – Krysytna Modrzewska"

"Saved from oblivion – Krysytna Modrzewska" project is a pioneering attempt to preserve the memory of a Polish writer and scientist whose biography is linked with Lublin.

The life of Krystyna Modrzewska (1919–2008) reflects the history of the 20th century Poland: the pre-war issue of the assimilation of minorities, the tragic fate of Jews during the Nazi occupation, their activity in the Polish underground, the post-war rebuilding of academic life under the communist regime, the forced emigration to Sweden as a result of the government's anti-semitic campaign of March 1968.

The project aims not only to document the life and work of Krystyna Modrzewska and to save her archive from dispersal, but also to arouse interest in her work among young people. A series of educative and artistic workshops, inspired by works and biography of Krystyna Modrzewska (creative writing and cartoon classes run by Aleksandra Zińczuk and Maciej Pałka) were held in November–December 2012. The participants were students of Lublin secondary schools. All materials collected during the project – oral testimonies, photographs and documents gathered in Poland and Sweden – as well as the cartoon and texts created by the workshops' participants are presented on a multimedia website www.modrzewska.teatrnn.pl within the framework of the "Grodzka Gate – NN Theatre" Centre Internet portal.

We would like to thank here very much friends and collaborators of Krystyna Modrzewska:  Doctor Alexandra Sikora, Professor Lennart Wetterberg and Doctor Lars-Gustav Lundin, whom we had the pleasure to meet in Sweden in September 2012, for sharing with us their memories and documents concerning Krystyna Modrzewska. Special thanks to Mrs and Mr Jeanette and Carl-Magnus Backman, who saved and handed down to us Krystyna Modrzewska's archive, for their warm welcome, invaluable help and guidance in Uppsala.

We ask and encourage everybody who remembers Krystyna Modrzewska or her family to contact us and share their memories and reflections.

Project's coordinators,
Wioletta Wejman and Agnieszka Zachariewicz

tel. (0048) 81 532 58 67
Wioletta Wejman wiola@tnn.lublin.pl
Agnieszka Zachariewicz agnieszkaz@tnn.lublin.pl

The project was financially supported by the Polish History Museum within the program "Patriotism of Tomorrow"