"Lublin. Memory of the Place". Exhibition

"Lublin. Memory of the Place" Exhibition is located in the "Grodzka Gate – NN Theatre" Centre. The opening of the exhibition took place on 25 February 2011.

"Lublin. Memory of the Place" Exhibition is a modernized and expanded form of "Portrait of the Place” Exhibition which since 1999 functioned in the interiors of the Grodzka Gate. New exhibition is dedicated to the multicultural, pre-war Lublin, specifically focusing on the themes of the programs: Oral History and Iconography of pre-war Lublin.

The Grodzka Gate, which used to be a passage between the Christian and, today non-existent, Jewish district, is now the seat of the "Grodzka Gate -NN Theatre" Centre. In the place that used to be full of houses, synagogues and streets, now is an enormous parking lot, new houses and a busy street. A considerable part of this area has been covered with concrete, under which the foundations of Jewish buildings and the memory of those who once lived there are buried.

During the years, the Gate has become a place, where - like in an Ark of Memory - old photographs, documents and testimonies can be preserved for posterity. All these materials are presented at the exhibition "Lublin. Memory of the Place" situated in the Gate. The exhibition is designed to look like an interior of an archive. The important elements contributing to its character are metal bookshelves with thousands of files. Several computer stands allow browsing of databases (of iconography, oral history and texts) and are also an integral part of the exhibition. oing through the exhibition, we watch hundreds of photographs, listen to the collage-reconstruction of sounds of the town and, at the same time, we can read information about specific houses and streets from files on shelves.

The first part of the exhibition, devoted to Jewish life in Lublin until 1939, ends in the place where the scale model of Lublin is presented. The second part of the exhibition is dedicated to the Memory of the Extermination of the Jewish population of Lublin. It is also a story about the Righteous, who saved Jews, and it has a form of an artistic installation.






Monday - Friday

Exhibit entry at 9:30, 11:00, 12:30, 14:00.

Organized groups are asked to book in advance by phone: 081 53 258 67



guided tours in the Polish language:

5 zł - reduced

7 zł - adult


guided tours in other languages ​​(English, French, Russian, German):

10 zł - reduced

12 zł - adult



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Modernisation of the exhibition was realized in part with funds Ministerstwo Kultury i Dziedzictwa Narodowego. Program: DZIEDZICTWO KULTUROWE, Priority: Wspieranie działań muzealnych.